Vermont Covered Bridges

You’re finally making the trip of a lifetime and heading to Vermont for the much acclaimed foliage season. Now the big question is how do you discover all the Vermont covered bridges, take the best scenic drives and still retain a loving relationship with your significant other or partner given the time you will likely be spending in the car together?!

Vermont ranks 43rd in size among the 50 States. A stretch of 158 miles takes you from the most northerly point (Canadian border) to the most southerly and 90 miles is the distance from east to west. It is easy to drive around the whole State in a day and most visitors are extremely surprised at how little traffic exists in Vermont, even during fall foliage, making driving easy.

All our drives start and finish in Waitsfield, an unspoiled small Vermont town, about 30 minutes from the State Capital Montpelier situated on Route 100 in the heart of the Green Mountains. Yankee Magazine claimed Route 100 to be the best drive for fall foliage viewing in New England. It extends from the north east town of Newport close to the Canadian border down to Jacksonville, a small town close to the Massachusetts and Vermont border. Waitsfield is the center and junction of the Mad River ByWay (Route 100 and Route 17) a distinction given to only six other areas for their unspoiled beauty). The Vermont State Tourism Map is available from information centers, inns and tourist hot spots throughout the State and will provide the detail behind the outlined drives.

Tour 1: North East Vermont Covered Bridges

(Driving Time Without Stops – 4 hours, 134 miles)

Waitsfield – Smugglers Notch – Jeffersonville – Waterville – Belvidere – Johnson – Plainfield – Montpelier – Waitsfield

Overview: Capturing 10 Covered Bridges, beautiful unspoiled mountain views and several small classic Vermont towns in the north-eastern section of the State. There is plenty of opportunity to incorporate some key attractions too – Vermont State House, Ben & Jerry’s or Cabot Creamery.

Tour 2: Seven Bridges, Classic Vermont

(Driving Time Without Stops: 2 hours or less)

Waitsfield – Moretown – Northfield – Warren  – Waitsfield

Overview:  A relatively short drive over or passing 7 covered bridges  for those seeking a feel for the area, its scenery and its famous covered bridges without wishing to dedicate a whole day to this exploration.

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