Our COVID-19 Pledge

Today we find ourselves in a much different place than just this past winter. The way we did business is no longer applicable in today’s travel and hospitality environment. Safety, security and assured cleanliness while always important, are now at the forefront of our thoughts each and every day.  Travel can be a stressful time for some folks and we know that trust is paramount as you venture out on your next get-away. As such we first want to assure you that your safety, the safety of our employees and our family are omnipresent in our thoughts as we navigate this new world together. 

Here is a brief summary of the new policies we have put in place to enhance our collective safety.

  • From check-in to check-out we ask that you wear a mask when entering the building and walking throughout the inside of the property. Once seated at a table or in your room you are free to remove your masks. Our staff will also do the same for your protection. 
  • We have installed several hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, conveniently located at the entrances. We ask that you sanitize your hands when entering the building or the dining room.  
  • Each room has been sanitized with a combination of UV and Ozone. Together they have proven very effective at killing viruses. 
  • Each room has always been cleaned to “white glove perfection” yet sterilizing surfaces throughout will be vigorously enhanced. 
  • Our sheets, towels and pillow cases are cleaned and sterilized by an outside agency.
  • Once you have gained access to your room we will not be re-entering the room. 
  • If you would like additional/clean linens we will supply them for you.
  • If your garbage needs to be emptied please remove the bag, tie top and place in hallway for us to remove. Each garbage can has additional bags inside the bin. 
  • Please leave your keys in your room or place in the bin at the front desk. We will sanitize the keys between each check-in. 
  • Unless the inn has been reserved for a large family gathering, we will no longer be serving our traditional breakfast buffet. Instead each person will be served breakfast a la carte to order. 
  • At present, the State of Vermont has asked that each guest fill out additional information for tracking purposes in the event of a Covid flare-up. Additionally, we ask that you sign a waiver releasing us from harm if you happen to contract an illness while on your holiday. 
  • We request that you inform us in the event you have a fever or are experiencing any such symptoms associated with Covid-19. If this is the case we ask that you remain at home and we will cancel your reservation. 



We're happy to talk with you about any concerns or questions you may have.