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North East Vermont

Tour 1: North East Vermont

(Driving Time Without Stops – 4 hours, 134 miles)


Overview: Capturing 10 Covered Bridges, beautiful unspoiled mountain views and several small classic Vermont towns in the north-eastern section of the State. There is plenty of opportunity to incorporate some key attractions too – Vermont State House, Ben & Jerry’s or Cabot Creamery.

  • Starting at Waitsfield Route 100N to Route 100 B
  • Route 2 towards Route 89N (Pick up a delicious picnic at Red Hen Bakery on Route 2 in Middlesex)
  • Route 89N to Exit 10, Pick up Route 100N to Moscow (near Stowe). Gold Brook Road is a right hand turn of R100N close to the left hand turn to Moscow. Gold Brook Covered Bridge (also known as Emily’s Bridge)
  • Route 100N to Route 108 to Jeffersonville (a mountain pass drive with incredible views and vistas) – Two Covered Bridges: Gales Farm and Grist Mill
  • Route 108 to Route 109 to Waterville – Two Covered Bridges: Jaynes and Village
  • Route 109 to Belvidere: Two Covered Bridges: Mill and Morgan
  • Route 109 to Route 100(S) to Route 15 to Johnson/East Johnson (make a stop at the Johnson Woollen Mill, a unique cottage industry with wonderful unique products) – Two Covered Bridges: Scribner and Power House
  • Route 15 to Route 14 to Plainfield – Coburn Covered Bridge
  • Route14 to Route 2 to Montpelier (Vermont State House in Montpelier is the oldest State House in the country – worth a visit if time allows)
  • Route 2 to Route 100B to Waitsfield